Getting ready

I have a presentation to deliver this week! For a few days now I have been considering how to fill 2 hours, how to entertain staff and fill the time allotted. How wrong you can be, in the cold light of day how wrong an attitude this is, it is not two hours I need to fill but I need to retouch some of the passion for blended learning I had when I first came into this field.

Personally Blended learning is probably one of the most dynamic and exciting fields of education around today. It is constantly changing, morphing and challenging the status quo. Just take the development from web 1.0 to the burgeoning of web 3.0.

In web 1.0 we consumed, looked, read followed the hyperlink trails, walled in by the web designers, web 2.0 brought us the write web, where as pilgrims on the web we could contribute, this blog a child of that time allows me to express my thoughts and ideas as no generation before could. Now on the horizon is the possibility of web 3.0 the

semantic Web

moving from just contributing and rehashing to a semi autonomous web which helps us think and see the links between data, the ability to recombine and reuse data to create new information and perhaps new horizons of belief and understanding. To paraphrase


it does not get any better than this !

This is just one area of learning and teaching which offers new horizons for learning one which is both exciting and frightening at the same time. Imagine not filling the students head with information ( notice I don’t use the word knowledge ) but give them the questions to ask and the skills to search and evaluate, then let them loose on a web which supports an inquisitive mind, what might they find and could we cope as educators not being the centre of their learning but a guide alongside them.

This I find exciting and being a firm believer in ” I still have much to learn” what might I discover not closing myself off as the all seeing eye but allowing and acknowledging I am still a pilgrim in the landscapes of learning.

All I need to do now is figure out how to communicate some of this excitement and passion for this kind of teaching to the Faculty at the college?

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2 comments on “Getting ready
  1. Well I think it went very well Andy……….I have now learned how to post a comment….I am suspecting this is a public blog……….is there a way of privately communicating??

    • andy81 says:

      I look into how to keep posts private, I do feel that working in a public arena is not always a bad thing, it is a little like talking in the pub, some times people over hear you.

      Having said that there is not a huge amount of traffic on this blog, so I could do with some lively debate to to generate some interest.

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