Sitting in the driving seat

It is often difficult to explain what I do, most people listen attentively and slowly over a few seconds they glaze over, and if I continued either fall asleep or seem to slip into a coma. This can be very discouraging as I think I have one of the best jobs in the world, I certainly love it.

What is it, what do I do, well put simply I stand between educators and technology and try and get them both talking, if not working together, not always successfully but always creatively. Take this blog, it was initially set up for me to collect together some of my thoughts and help me build a professional portfolioIo, that I hope to use for professional accreditation. So yes there is stuff you can not see,and pages you generally will never see. This is not because it is controversial , but just because it only concerns me as an individual and the work I do. The only people I will give access to this material to are any future mentors or assessors.

Here is the rub, e organisation I work for want students to build a reflective personal, professional portfolio, one which supports there time in education but also is portable, so for those who master reflection, it can be used in the future for their Continuing Professional Development. At the moment we are trying to use a common virtual learning environment, a closed box, yes you can export your portfolio as as set of files and text pages, but any linkages or interaction is lost unless you can work in the dark arts of XML.

So this is what I do, I allow a few tutors to see this blog, I open the door to me and try and help them see the opportunities that a flexible web based blog tool can offer in the area of PErsonal Professional Portfolio. We will see where we go from here?

In a nutshell this is what I do, I look at an educational outcome, and think how could we do this better, do we need to change how we do this, is there a tool we could use that removes barriers to learning and supports the dialogue between educators and students,

I enjoy it, very lucky to be in this position

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