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Sitting in the driving seat

It is often difficult to explain what I do, most people listen attentively and slowly over a few seconds they glaze over, and if I continued either fall asleep or seem to slip into a coma. This can be very

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Getting ready

I have a presentation to deliver this week! For a few days now I have been considering how to fill 2 hours, how to entertain staff and fill the time allotted. How wrong you can be, in the cold light

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Just revisiting deep and Surface approaches to learning

Notes to self: Although learners may be classified as “deep” or “surface”, they are not attributes of individuals: one person may use both approaches at different times, although she or he may have a preference for one or the other.

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New site design

Just putting the finishing touches to a new site design.  I have tried to move away from the blocked left or right menu system, actually any drop-down menus at all and I am trying to group information together to display

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PLE not a political movement

If you are old enough to understand the joke behind the title of this post you will probably need an explanation about what a Personal Learning Environment is. A personal Learning Environment (PLE) is in its simplest form it is 

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Envisioning the future

The biggest headache I have as a Learning Technologist is trying to see the future clearly especially in a time of rapid technological change. Take “Flash” as an example, prolific on the web and an old friend when it comes

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Who am I

I have worked as a learning Technologist for 15 years and have seen massive changes in both technology and people’s attitudes towards the “How and what” of the world of teaching. Before that i worked as a contractor in systems

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